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2018 Legal outsourcing trends & opportunities

Posted by Jean Brody on 21-Aug-2018 10:29:12

Our sixth Annual Trends and Opportunities in Law Firm Outsourcing Survey results are in, and they provide great insight into the investment priorities and changing expenditures of law firms throughout the US and UK. The survey highlights a number of client pressures altering firm behaviour, as well as the shifting cost reduction landscape.  

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The Changing Face of Retail Marketing

Posted by Chazz Chugh on 02-Aug-2018 13:42:05

In association with Retail Week

The retail sector is changing at breakneck speed – with the decline of the local high street, the unstoppable rise of ecommerce and increasingly technology-enabled customers, retailers are having to work harder than ever to win spend and loyalty from shoppers.

Against this backdrop, how retailers market to their customers has pivoted significantly in recent years.

Long gone are the days of the print advert and Christmas campaign being enough to stay front of mind. The importance nowadays lies with businesses being unique and differentiating themselves from their competitors, utilising data to create true personalisation and providing added value that creates an all-encompassing experience for the consumer.

But with so many different marketing channels and platforms to utilise, and new tech advancements happening daily, how do retailers decide which avenues to focus on? And how can businesses keep a cohesive brand message when communicating with customers across multiple touchpoints and countries?

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Staying ahead - The Digital Transformation of Product Launches

Posted by Chazz Chugh on 01-Aug-2018 16:58:48

In association with pharmaphorum  

The pace of change in pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) has accelerated enormously, changing the face of how innovative new treatments come to market and shortening how long they have before a competitor arrives.

At the same time, digital technology means pharmaceutical product launches can use multi-channel marketing to produce communications which can be rapidly deployed as well as tailored to the needs of diverse target audience groups.

Whilst multi-channel marketing makes launches faster, more integrated and targeted, it also makes them much more complex.

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Marketing and Procurement: How to create a powerful partnership?

Posted by Charlotte Smith on 13-Apr-2018 06:59:18

Navigating the many challenges of today’s marketing landscape has certainly tested marketer’s ability to deliver value and be seen as a key contributor to the bottom-line.

Yet, the past twelve months has seen brand marketers and agencies struggle to deal with issues around a lack of transparency and trust when it comes to data and value. With marketing often the largest indirect spend category in a business and budgets tightening, the pressure is on for marketing to achieve more with less while still being as innovative and efficient as possible.

So where to start? With marketing departments looking externally for expertise to help them meet the demands of both their customers and the business, how can they successfully balance innovation and creativity at a reasonable cost while delivering greater marketing effectiveness? Cue procurement.

While the two functions can often sit on opposing sides of the same fence, procurement’s analytical skills and strategic process driven decision-making is what marketers need to support them in the hunt for greater value. So how do we bridge the gap between the two functions and ensure stronger marketing and procurement alignment?

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International Women's Day 2018 - more than just wishes

Posted by Jade Rolls on 08-Mar-2018 09:02:10

International Women’s Day is upon us with many brands, global corporations, local communities, charities and sports teams all joining the #pressforprogress movement.

The last 12 months has seen a spotlight shone on gender equality with global movements such as #MeToo #TimesUp #IStandWithCarrie and the Women’s March raising awareness of the importance of issues regarding equality. Here are some of our favourite International Women’s Day campaigns so far:

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Multi-channel marketing effectiveness for pharma marketers

Posted by Chazz Chugh on 15-Feb-2018 14:36:21

In collaboration with pharmaphorum  

Most industries are adopting multichannel marketing (MCM), but the pharma sector lags behind compared to other industries. It is often said that the pharmaceutical industry can’t match the kind of advanced multichannel marketing seen in sectors such as the retail and travel industries because of the high level of regulation and how it can limit communication.

While there is some truth in this reality, other highly regulated sectors such as telecoms, insurance, and the consumer drinks industry have still shown that it is possible to use creative approaches in MCM to produce engaging and customer-centric communications.

One other industry with multiple stakeholders is that of financial services, where marketers have applied some simple principles to build engagement – and from which pharma can definitely learn.

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Global vs local: navigating tough challenges in pharma marketing

Posted by Chazz Chugh on 18-Dec-2017 12:58:47

In collaboration with pharmaphorum  

For this industry, this challenge is even more complex. A highly regulated environment combined with a diverse set of customers means that delivering real brand engagement across geographical regions is a tough nut to crack.

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An organisation’s people are its first defence in Cyber security

Posted by Chazz Chugh on 14-Nov-2017 15:35:05

Nick Wilding, General Manager at AXELOS leads the Cyber Resilience Best Practice division which puts people at the heart of an organisation’s cyber resilience strategy and response, enabling them to effectively recognise, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks.

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