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Multi-channel marketing effectiveness for pharma marketers

Posted by Chazz Chugh on 15-Feb-2018 14:36:21

In collaboration with pharmaphorum  

Most industries are adopting multichannel marketing (MCM), but the pharma sector lags behind compared to other industries. It is often said that the pharmaceutical industry can’t match the kind of advanced multichannel marketing seen in sectors such as the retail and travel industries because of the high level of regulation and how it can limit communication.

While there is some truth in this reality, other highly regulated sectors such as telecoms, insurance, and the consumer drinks industry have still shown that it is possible to use creative approaches in MCM to produce engaging and customer-centric communications.

One other industry with multiple stakeholders is that of financial services, where marketers have applied some simple principles to build engagement – and from which pharma can definitely learn.

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Global vs local: navigating tough challenges in pharma marketing

Posted by Chazz Chugh on 18-Dec-2017 12:58:47

In collaboration with pharmaphorum  

For this industry, this challenge is even more complex. A highly regulated environment combined with a diverse set of customers means that delivering real brand engagement across geographical regions is a tough nut to crack.

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Print management - challenges and approaches 2016

Posted by Marketing on 17-Aug-2016 08:10:01

Although print is still recognised as a significant spend for most companies or brands, it is a little less-known fact that the medium also has one of the highest saving potentials of any spend category.

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Disruptive POS without the disruption

Posted by Chazz Chugh on 17-Aug-2016 07:56:14

Retail channels are becoming unified, and the role of the physical store is changing. Visual communication is becoming more important, and budgets are being squeezed.

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Centralising production for effective execution

Posted by Marketing on 17-Aug-2016 07:55:13

Technology has advanced to a point where global asset management, online approvals, electronic ordering, real-time cost/workflow tracking and reporting has made centralised production a viable and effective way to ensure global brand standards.

It has allowed businesses to maximise efficiencies, reduce costs, improve reporting data and open up the field of creative resources for their brands.

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